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Jace Seeger
Fundraising Coordinator

Jace Seeger is our new Fundraising Coordinator. He originally found The Rebels Project in 2017 and just recently came on board with the leadership team in 2022.  


Jace is an Aurora theater survivor. He possesses a strong connector spirit and happens to be a talented artist. Painting first found Jace when he began his path in sobriety 7 years ago, and art soon became a safe and enlightening tool for him as he navigated PTSD symptoms and other aspects of his long-term healing. On a whim, Jace donated some of his art to The Rebels Project silent auction in 2017 and this opened a window to further connect with other survivors. Finding a community of survivors was another turning point for the better in Jace's healing and recovery.    


In recent months, Jace has become certified in Reiki and is currently completing a training to become a Shaman - an energetic healer of emotion and spirit.  

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