Chelsea Sobolik
Director of Communication 

Chelsea is a Colorado native and practices her passion for visual storytelling by communicating the Rebels Project mission through film, videography, photography, web design, and graphic design.

After surviving the Aurora Theater shooting July 20th 2012, she took a 4-year-long break from pursuing a degree in Communications due to severe PTSD symptoms. She was able to take a 9-month leave from work and ended up connecting with The Rebels Project within that time. Feeling intertwined with a community of people who understood life after a mass tragedy was vital to her healing, especially so soon after her event. She also sought frequent one-on-one therapy, group therapy, EMDR, Yoga, and Tai-Chi, all of which has greatly assisted in her healing and recovery - and still does to this day.  


Fast-forward to several years since the Aurora shooting, Chelsea's passion for visual storytelling started to become re-ignited after attending a documentary film festival in the Summer of 2016. She was so inspired by the films that she decided to go back to school in the Spring of 2017. In the Summer of that same year, she became an official leadership team member for The Rebels Project by capturing video and photo content at major Rebels Project events. She felt that capturing and sharing the positive impact that The Rebels Project had on surrounding survivors was essential to the longevity of the organization, as well as the growing community of survivors.   


Chelsea completed her Bachelor's degree in Journalism & Media Communication in May of 2018 and works remotely for TRP as she currently lives in Nashville, TN with her partner of 4 years. Pursuing documentary film is her long-term goal, and she therefore seeks any opportunity she can to tell stories that emphasize themes of hope, empowerment, resilience, empathy, and human connection. 

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