Kelly Murphy
Mom of STEM School Survivors

Kelly Murphy’s life was changed in 2016, when a shooting occurred in her family. A close family member was experiencing a serious mental health crisis and ended up shooting another one of her family members. Two other people were also shot that day, one of whom was tragically killed. The event itself was deeply traumatic for Kelly and her extended family members, as were the months and years that have followed. This trauma was exacerbated when just 3 years after their family’s tragedy, Kelly’s own 2 children survived the shooting at the

STEM School Highlands Ranch; they were just 9 and 11 years old at the time.


Kelly’s life endeavor consists of working with various organizations which address the unique and complex causes of mass violence - particularly shootings. She publicly shares her stories, organizes support groups, and advocates for legislation on many issues which she feels can help lower the rates of mass violence in her home state of Colorado.


She joined The Rebels Project in 2019, and as an ambassador, facilitates monthly support meetings to help connect survivors to one another in an effort to give them a safe space to share with others who have experienced similar unimaginable tragedies. In her free time, Kelly enjoys paddle boarding, hiking, and taking long walks with her dogs and her 2 wonderful children.