Hayley Steinmuller
Director of Social Media

Hayley Steinmuller is a survivor of the Las Vegas Route 91 shooting in 2017 who became a member of The Rebels Project in 2018 while looking for a supportive group, and decided to relocate from California to Colorado in 2019 where she now works as a Middle School Counselor.


Hayley Steinmuller was 3 weeks into a graduate program to become a School Counselor when she decided to attend a country music festival with some friends. She was 23 years old when she survived the Las Vegas Route 91 shooting on October 1, 2017 and continued her program, focusing heavily on mass and school shooting survivors and post-trauma support practices for most of her graduate assignments. Hayley was introduced to The Rebels Project on Facebook by a friend that was also at Route 91 and quickly found herself feeling at home in the group. Shortly after joining the Facebook group, Hayley met many members at the 2018 Annual Summer Gathering and fell in love with the beauty that Colorado had to offer after only visiting the state once prior. Hayley decided to move from her hometown where she was born and raised in California to Colorado in 2019 and began a career as a Middle School Counselor.