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Missy Mendo
Director of Community Outreach 

As a freshman in 1999 when the shooting occurred at Columbine High School, Missy Mendo returned to Columbine for three years before graduating in 2002. She uses her unique experience to inform her roles as Directors for both community outreach and the ambassador program.  Missy has a passion for connecting with other survivors in addition to connecting survivors with each other so they understand that they are never alone in their recovery journeys. She is not only a part of the team that travels to impacted communities, but is also a key member of the private online support group who reminds members that recovery does get better.


Missy is a Colorado native with close ties to the east coast, as she lived there for 11 years. While living out east, she worked for the Hospitality Industry in a management position for a large entertainment corporation. Missy is a mother, whose daughter is her world. Her large family enjoys the outdoors, fishing, kayaking and spending quality time together.

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