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"A hug from a fellow survivor feels different than a hug from someone who is just trying to console you."


-Missy Mendo 

Director of Community Outreach

Ambassador Program Coordinator


Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at
Brittney Thomas
Heath High School Survivor

The Rebels Project is centrally located in Colorado, and one the first services we ever provided in the establishment of our organization was holding monthly support meetings for the Aurora community after their event. Since the organization's membership growth has risen exponentially, and because so many mass events continue to occur, leading support meetings in all locations would be challenging. 


Our ambassador program allows survivors who feel like they are at a good place within their process the opportunity to lead support meetings and/ or develop other helpful services for their affected communities as a branch or an extension of 

The Rebels Project.


Missy's goal in coordinating this program is to give survivors that person-to-person experience of meeting other survivors in their own communities so that they can closely interact with one another on a

regular basis throughout their healing and recovery.   


There are several ways in which survivors can get involved in their affected communities. Missy can provide more information and important steps to keeping a community connected

after a mass tragedy.   


Contact Missy via email if you are interested:

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